Fractional Jet Ownership

Our unique jet partnership program provides our partners with all of the benefits of private jet ownership without the expense or responsibility of being the sole owner.

Aurora’s fractional program is designed to be fair and equitable for all the partners. In fact, the operational costs are shared by all the partners based on their proportional use of the fleet. Aurora offers transparent pricing, meaning our clients pay the actual costs of operating the jets plus a simple, single-digit mark-up. There are no hidden fees or fuel surcharges. This program is the fairest way to share the costs of the asset among a group of owners.

As a partner, when you need to travel for business or pleasure, you simply notify our 24-hour reservation team of your plans. Within one hour, you will have a written confirmation. Behind the scenes, our experienced staff tends to all the details of your flight from catering to customs and ground transportation at your destination. No detail is too small. On the day of your flight, and within minutes of arriving at the airport, your jet will be in the air.

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