The Partnership Experience

A New Level Of Luxury and Service

Imagine yourself on board your own jet in a plush leather seat inside a quiet cabin, your favorite food or drink at your table. You are traveling briskly above commercial traffic and bad weather. You are truly relaxed, enjoying all the comforts of your jet, anticipating your destination.

In far less time than it ever took before, you arrive at your destination. You are refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. You step off your jet into your waiting car, and you are away. Once you begin to travel as an Aurora Jet Partner, you will never look at travel the same way again.

Get Time Back On Your Side

Without question, private air travel provides you with more time to grow your business and make the most of your valued personal time. When your flights are designed around your schedule, waiting in airports and waiting for connecting flights is simply a thing of the past. Aurora Jet Partners can take you directly to thousands of smaller airports throughout North America, closer to your ultimate destination.

Safe and Secure Travel

Flying privately means you do not have to share your flight with sick strangers and unknown security risks. You know your pilots by first name and trust their experience and judgement in the air. You are in control of who boards your jet and who knows that you are travelling.

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