Full Aircraft Ownership

Aurora Jet Partners has been buying and selling aircraft for over 40 years. If you are searching for a jet or want to learn more about the process and the costs involved, contact Aurora Jet Partners today. Aurora offers decades of practical aviation experience to our clients and can offer real-world advice from both a buyer’s and operator’s perspective. Factory-new or pre-flown, whatever make or model of aircraft is best for your application, Aurora can look after all aspects of your purchase.

Basic acquisition services include:

  • Conducting a worldwide search to find the best aircraft available
  • Reviewing maintenance log books to ensure the aircraft has been well looked after
  • Sending an engineer on site to conduct a pre-purchase inspection
  • Helping to negotiate the deal to ensure you pay the lowest possible price
  • Completing all of the regulatory work and importation documentation for the aircraft
  • Delivering the aircraft to your existing flight department, or bringing your jet onto our own operator’s certificate and managing it for you
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