Charter Overview

Chartering a jet from Aurora Jet Partners has never been easier. With aircraft based in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto, we are ready to serve your private air travel needs. Whether you need to take your team of executives out to visit your branch offices or want to take your family for a holiday in the sun, we will connect you to the ideal aircraft for your needs.

Our charter quotes are simple and straightforward, and they include all of the standard flight costs, including fuel. For a quick, no-obligations quote, please contact us at

The Ultimate Travel Experience

Imagine yourself on board your own jet in a plush leather seat inside a quiet cabin, your favourite food or drink at your table. You are traveling briskly above commercial traffic and bad weather. You are truly relaxed, enjoying all the comforts of your jet, anticipating your destination.

In far less time than it ever took before, you arrive at your destination. You are refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. You step off your jet into your waiting car, and you are away.

Once you begin to travel as an Aurora Jet Partner, you will never look at air travel the same way again.

Get time back on your side

Without question, private air travel provides you with more time to grow your business and make the most of your valued personal time. When your flights are designed around your schedule, waiting in airports and waiting for connecting flights is simply a thing of the past. Aurora can take you directly to thousands of smaller airports throughout North America, closer to your ultimate destination.

Safe & secure travel

Flying privately means you do not have to share your flight with strangers and unknown security risks. Our pilots will greet as you arrive to the private terminal and will be ready to load your personal baggage and take off within minutes.

“I am now able to get to my commitments and back to my home base in a fraction of the time it used to take me. My “road trips” are no longer multi-day events and I can go directly to where I need to go. I can even bring my dogs!”

Dave Freeland, President & Founder at DFI


Empty Leg Flights


One-way flights, often referred to as “empty legs,” occur when our private jets fly without passengers to pick up another party or return to home base after a drop-off. When this occurs, the empty flight segments are typically sold at discounted rates due to the fact that the direct operating costs have already been absorbed. The discounted rate can be 30–60% of a conventional charter.

Use of empty legs requires you to travel at fixed departure times, and availability is not guaranteed due to the potential for last-minute changes or cancellations of the preceding or following flight. They are valuable for passengers who can flex their travel plans to match an empty leg flight opportunity. Empty legs can be a perfect solution for one-way charters because you will experience the ultimate in private air travel to your destination with the added benefit of greatly reduced cost.

Take advantage of our most popular empty leg routes between several Canadian cities, as well as destinations such as Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Seattle, and many more. If you are interested in learning more about empty leg routes, simply provide us with your contact information by filling out the form below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the aircraft that are used to charter?

Aircraft for on-demand charter flights come from Aurora’s fleet of managed aircraft, as well as from our network of approved affiliate operators, who are carefully vetted and hold the highest safety standards.

What additional charges do clients pay for when chartering?

Quotes for Aurora charter services include fuel costs, landing fees, Nav Canada air navigation service fees, crew costs, and so on. The only additional charges that may be invoiced will be for any de-icing or anti-icing fluid that may be required and for custom catering, if requested.

How long prior to flight time must I arrive? Is there a place to park?

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Parking is available at all of our bases.

Can you arrange a vehicle at my destination?

Just let us know the kind of vehicle you prefer and we will organize it.

Are your flights catered?

We offer custom catering at all of our bases. Each jet will already be stocked with complimentary sweet and salty snacks, drinks, and premium bar.

Can I bring golf clubs or skis?

Yes. All of our jets have generous baggage compartments. However, prior to your flight we will ask for a list of bulky items.

If I have a last-minute scheduling change, can I alter my itinerary?

If we can accommodate the change, we absolutely will.

Do your jets travel overseas?

Our Challenger 300s, Challenger 605, and Globals are all capable of intercontinental flights.

Do your jets have bathroom facilities on board?

All of our jets have fully private lavatories on board.

Do I need a passport?

You only need a passport if you are traveling outside of Canada. For domestic flights, standard picture ID is all that we require.

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