Management Overview

Aurora Jet Partners provides a straightforward, transparent management model. This model has been developed and refined over our 40-year history managing a fleet of business jets for large corporations, private companies, individuals, and charter clients.

We offer custom solutions for existing jet owners and private flight departments. From planning and monitoring flight activities through our Jetdesk concierge function, to performing operations maintenance, to maintaining regulatory compliance and quality control paperwork, to generating charter income, we are here to help.

Whether you already own your own aircraft or are just getting started, our aviation professionals help you make the most of your investment.

Turn-Key Services

Flight Crew / HR

Aurora will hire, train, and schedule enough pilots to match your jet’s intended use. We manage flights, days off, reserve days, holidays, training time, and travel details when pilots are on the road. We can work with your existing crew or supply our own qualified and dedicated personnel to operate your aircraft.

Flight Coordination & Dispatch

Aurora’s Flight Coordination department is staffed by a team of Jetdesk Specialists who will look after every detail of your flight, from booking aircraft and crew, to arranging customs, to ordering catering and ground transportation. Within one hour of making a booking, our Jetdesk team will confirm your basic itinerary in writing.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance department looks after all work on your aircraft, from pre- and post-flight work to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. We will ensure your aircraft is airworthy and ready to go on schedule. If your jet requires maintenance away from base, we will arrange for on-site repairs.

Accounting & Expense Optimization

Our accounting department has over 20 years of experience in private aviation. We look after all vendor and supplier relationships, and we pay all expenses related to your aircraft and flow costs directly through with no mark-up. You also benefit from our tremendous volume fuel discounts worldwide.


Wherever you want to base your aircraft, Aurora will locate a hangar suitable for your specific needs and negotiate a price on fuel from a local supplier.

Regulatory Compliance

As the aircraft manager, Aurora assumes legal custody and control of your aircraft. We take on the responsibilities required to operate safely and legally in compliance with Canadian Air regulations and the regulations for each jurisdiction in which the aircraft will travel.

Technical Records / publicationS

Aurora has an entire dedicated team that will be responsible for maintaining all technical records for the aircraft and producing all manuals directing company operations. Aurora also administers an Electronic Flight Bag program, providing pilots with on-demand access to electronic aircraft publications both on the ground and from their seated position in the cockpit.

Safety Management

We operate under a custom-designed Safety Management System supported by a full-time, dedicated Safety Manager. Our safety policies go beyond Transport Canada requirements and are an essential part of our operation. All employees and aircraft under Aurora’s management are held to the same high standards.

  • Aurora has achieved IS-BAO (International Standards for Business Aviation Operators) Stage 3 certification.
  • Aurora maintains a Platinum rating by ARGUS.

“Aurora Jet Partners has proven to be an excellent aircraft manager for my aviation asset.”

Roger Hardy, CEO of Hardy Capital

Aurora Jet Exchange

The Aurora Jet Exchange (AJX) allows you to access our entire fleet of privately owned business jets through a unique Aircraft Interchange Agreement. Under AJX, you may trade time on your aircraft for equivalent time on another, enabling you to match the right aircraft to a specific mission or budget.

When you are not using your own jet, it can be used by our other AJX participants when their aircraft is undergoing maintenance or unsuitable for a particular mission. Our team of flight coordinators will ensure you are kept in the loop and obtain approval from you prior to such use of your aircraft.


Charter Revenue Program

Aurora holds both private and commercial operating certificates, giving us the ability to maintain aircraft for commercial charter operations via Transport Canada–approved AMO certificate. With Aurora aircraft management, you have the opportunity to generate income to offset ownership and overhead expenses.

One way to generate revenue is to allow Aurora to sell charter trips on your aircraft to third-party clients, either directly to the end users or through our vast network of charter brokers who we regularly deal with. This is an excellent way for you to generate income to offset your own operating costs.