Partnerships Overview

Aircraft partnerships are a straightforward, shared-ownership concept where two or more individuals or businesses own an airplane together. This ownership model significantly reduces the cost of ownership while providing access and benefits comparable to whole ownership when used in complement with our aircraft interchange fleet access service.

This alternative greatly reduces many of the high costs associated with fractional ownership services.  Such services incur built-in positioning fees and expensive third party charter backups to achieve the “guaranteed service” levels promised.  The requirement to make service at guaranteed rates results in significant costs being incorporated into the aircraft operating costs.   Hourly operating costs are typically an extra 30% above the actual operating cost and monthly operating costs are inflated to cover off any potential costs for unscheduled maintenance and staffing costs.

We designed Aurora’s Jet Partnership Program with a laser-like focus on defining the ultimate partnership experience, a process that starts with matching you to the right owner and aircraft. You are not simply partnering with another aircraft owner: you are partnering with an experienced, adaptable aircraft operator and manager who can work with you to increase efficiencies and control expenses.


We have a long history of managing business jet partnerships by connecting two or three like-minded partners with similar travel patterns. Members of our Jet Partnership Program enjoy all the benefits of our Turn-Key Aircraft Management services, as well as substantial savings in capital cost, aircraft market depreciation, and fixed overhead expenses.

“The convenience of private air service reduces travel time for executives… We find Aurora Jet Partners’ booking process easy to use, and the team, both in the office and on the aircraft, are always accommodating.”

Chris Fowler, President & CEO at CWB Financial Group

Partnership Benefits

For owners flying 150 hours or less per year, Aurora Jet Partnerships offer a compelling ownership structure with the following key benefits:

  • All the services described in our Turn-Key Aircraft Management service
  • Significant cost-sharing benefits, along with excellent availability when used alongside our aircraft interchange fleet access service
  • Built-in backup for your aircraft during maintenance events, crew vacation, or sick days, provided through aircraft interchange capability
  • Ability to choose the optimal aircraft for each mission or even use multiple aircraft at once
  • Efficiencies gained by having an aircraft in the right place at the right time
  • A flat management fee and shared operational costs based on partners’ proportional use of the asset, ensuring transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surcharges
  • Access to “free” positioning flights



Available Partnership Opportunities

Aurora currently has shares available for purchase in the following aircraft. For more information, contact

Phenom 300

The Embraer Phenom 300 has no modern rivals in the light jet category. The difference is noticeable both on the ramp and in the cabin. The Phenom 300 is the perfect jet for short- and medium-range flights with up to 7–8 passengers.

Hawker 900XP

In addition to improved take-off, climb, and cruise speeds, the Hawker 900XP has a 300-nautical-mile range increase over the 800XP, offering true coast-to-coast range year-round.

Challenger 300

This dependable jet offers true transcontinental range and superior long-range cruise speed, with ability to carry 10 passengers. Its 3,065-NM (5,646-km) range connects Vancouver to New York non-stop, and its superior airfield performance allows the aircraft to operate out of 5,000-ft. (1,524-m) runways with ease under certain operating conditions. The Challenger 300 has exceeded customer expectations since its entry-into-service in 2004.

Challenger 605

Next-generation by design, the Bombardier Challenger 605 wide-body business jet was built in response to the needs and necessities of pilots and business leaders alike. The aircraft is designed with more business, relaxation, and entertainment flexibility than any other large business jet.