Global 5000

This powerful and luxurious aircraft provides unequalled comfort at unmatched speeds and over unsurpassed distances. More versatile than any business jet in its class, the Global 5000 allows access to even the most challenging airfields around the world.

Providing the widest and most spacious cabin among super-large business jets, the powerful, versatile Bombardier* Global 5000 offers an impressive combination of speed and performance, as well as superior cabin productivity. With its extraordinary short-field performance and transcontinental range, this super-large jet can carry world leaders to more places faster than any other in its class — all in the luxury of corporate aviation’s most comfortable and “business connected” cabin.

With a high-speed cruise of 513 knots (950 km/hr) and a range of 9,630 kilometres, stepping on board the Global 5000 puts the world within your reach.


Specification and Performance

Specification and Performance

  • Passenger Capacity: 13
  • Cabin Dimensions (HWL): 6’3”x 8’2”x 42’ 4”
  • Cabin Volume: 2,022 cu/ft
  • Baggage Volume: 195 cu/ft (accessible in flight)
  • Service Ceiling: 51,000 ft
  • Speed: 590 mph
  • Range: 5,984 statute miles (11 occupants)
  • Max Take-Off Weight: 92,500 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 23,550 L (39,250 lbs)
  • Engines: Rolls Royce
  • Thrust: 14,750 lb x2
  • Avionics: Collins Pro Line Fusion


  • Two fully private lavatories at either end of the cabin
  • Seating for 13, with 10 separate seats and a three-seat divan
  • Separate stateroom/office in the rear of the cabin for ultimate privacy
  • Full galley equipped for overseas journeys
  • Luxuriously appointed leather seating
  • Large internal baggage area accessible during flight
  • Galley appointed with coffee, tea, snacks, wine, beer, liquor, and soft drinks